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Representative example: A € 2000 loan with an interest rate of 9.53% per annum, with a maturity of 96 months, represents an annual percentage rate of charge of 10.11% for monthly loan repayment of € 30. The total amount paid by the client is 2880 €.

Cash loans direct lenders only today 

Cash loans direct lenders in CitrusNorth can evaluate your application within 10 minutes after submitting the form. This is a really quick way to get money if you meet all the necessary conditions.

What do you need for a loan?

  • Minimum age 18
  • Regular and demonstrable income
  • If you do business, you can apply for a loan of up to EUR 2,500
  • If you are not employed, you can apply for a loan if you send income (pension, parental allowance, business income) for at least 6 months to a Quick Lending bank account

About Quick Lending

The Slovak branch of Quick Lending operates on the Slovak market under the banner of Tatra banka. It belongs to the strong Austrian banking group Quick Lending Bank International Group with more than 130 years of tradition in providing various banking services. Its parent company Quick Lending Bank International AG, based in Austria, is a leading corporate and investment bank.

It is based on a strong background and is a serious provider of banking services with a properly granted and valid license from the NBS. This classic bank offers a traditional portfolio in Slovakia starting with consumer loans, savings accounts and fixed-rate deposits with a fixed percentage appreciation

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Background of a strong foreign bank
  • Loan without any fees for the provision and early repayment
  • Possibility to draw a mini-loan up to 600 EUR, but also a loan up to 25 000 EUR.
  • Resolve your loan online within 15 minutes
  • Need to prove income
  • Restrictions for entrepreneurs in the total loan amount

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the amount of the installment even with a mini-loan?

No. Quick Lending mini-loan installments from EUR 200 to 600, the installments of which are given below, are fixed and you cannot move them in any way.

How can I repay your loan?

You can repay as usual from a Quick Lending bank account, in cash or even from a bank account held in another bank. At the same time, the company gives the client the possibility to individually select the repayment day.

Is a guarantor required for the loan?

No, with a loan from Quick Lending Bank, you do not need a guarantor or property creation.

Experience with Quick Lending


We took a closer look at Quick Lending Bank and its portfolio.


Quick Lending offers a wide range of options. You can use the loan from 200 EUR. In addition to this amount, you can also draw as small quick loan amounts of EUR 400 and EUR 600 with a predetermined maturity and monthly installment. See the table below for an overview.

Loan amount Amount of monthly installment Repayment period (months) You pay together
200 € 31,08 € 7 217,56 €
400 € 36,82 € 12 441,84 €
600 € 38,51 € 18 693,18 €

A loan from EUR 700 up to EUR 25 000 is classified as a consumer loan at Quick Lending. The annual interest rates are also relatively wide, from 8.90% to 26% per year, which puts this loan in the worse second half of the Slovak market and you can also find more advantageous offers.

The advantage is that you can use your money for anything without a guarantor or setting up your property. In addition, the bank itself states that the entire process from submitting the application to its final approval will not take you more than 15 minutes. If you don’t even have an account with Quick Lending, you could have money in the next two days if your account was successfully approved.


In terms of flexibility, the borrower must be aware that he is always free to repay his loan in full. While many banks advertise a free special installment, it happens that only part of the balance of the debt can be paid early free of charge. With Quick Lending, this is not the case and you can indeed repay your loan in full at any time without any charge. Zero fees for the granting of the loan itself also support this company.

Target group

Quick Lending focuses primarily on the working group of working-age people with its requirements, as virtually the only condition for obtaining a loan is a stable and demonstrable income sufficient to repay it.

However, the company is also able to take into account other types of income such as retirement, parental allowance or business income.